With over 100 years of experience, Mafil supplies some of the world's leading hotels, restaurants, catering and events with products made from high quality stainless steel such as table cutlery, accessories, knives and serving pieces.

<transcy>For all Moments</transcy>

At Mafil we are prepared to offer solutions according to the needs and expectations of your business. Whether at an event, buffet, kitchen, hotel or restaurant, we offer solutions tailored to your needs in terms of design, engraving and restoration to allow you to create an ideal environment for your business.

<transcy>For your Business</transcy>

Our experience allows us to create customized solutions for businesses suitable for multiple sectors and geographies, with the guarantee of an agile distribution to the main global markets."

We follow all your requests, orders and projects with a fast and dedicated customer service to support you.

<transcy>Hospitality partners</transcy>

Our long history of quality, punctuality and flexibility and our concern with the main trends in gastronomy, interior design and hotel experience, allow us to meet the specific needs of your business.

We provide the sending of samples globally and we can ensure the stock of the preferred products for your business.

<transcy>Concerned about the World</transcy>

In addition to being partners in experiences and happy moments, our products are a sustainable alternative to plastic utensils. We carry out strict quality control on our products and processes so that everything we do complies with all regulations and environmental concerns.

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