Color & Texture

We have several finishing services available for you to create unique cutlery pieces and make your table setting experience truly memorable.

To bring a more elegant and modern look to your table, Mafil offers a wide choice of colors and finishes. The versatility of these different styles in any model we offer, allows the creation of unique items, ideal for giving that extraordinary touch, exclusive to places that provide unforgettable experiences.

<tc>Polished with colour</tc>

This special treatment gives it high resistance and hardness against chemical, thermal and abrasive wear, it is anti-allergenic and environmentally friendly. This combination of color and shine gives these pieces a superior category, but at the same time versatile, making them original and memorable pieces in any table decoration.


The Vintage style is a finish that replicates, through various industrial processes, an aged and worn look. This technique, which gives a unique appearance to each piece, combines textures and colors to bring a renewed and charming style of table decoration, ideal for rustic, industrial and trendy environments.

Available in 3 colors: gold, copper and grey.


The Satin finish is created through a manual abrasive process, which gives it a very delicate and expressive matte appearance. It's smoother than Vintage finish, thus providing an ideal combination with white but also colorful dishes, for a modern yet elegant effect.

Available in 3 colors: gold , black and grey.


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