All Mafil cutlery is produced in high quality stainless steel, still, to ensure that your cutlery remains in optimal condition, we recommend some care:

- Always rinse your cutlery in hot water immediately after each use and before putting it in the dishwasher.

- Special care should be taken with food residues, acidic fruit, salt, vinegar and sauces, which can cause stains if the cutlery is not washed thoroughly after use.

- Do not use any type of metal utensils when removing food traces as they may scratch the surface of the cutlery.

- It is recommended not to put knives together with forks and/or spoons in the cutlery baskets in order to prevent potential "contact corrosion" (caused by contact between different metals).

- All the cutlery can be washed in the washing machine. After finishing the washing program, the cutlery should be removed immediately and dried thoroughly using a soft cloth, to prevent the appearance of stains.