Mafil started more than 100 years ago, in 1917, by Manuel Machado, who founded a small shop in Creixomil – Guimarães under the brand 53 or Machado 53.

In 1964, already on the second generation, it began its change from Creixomil to Fermentões where the building that still holds Mafil’s factory today was built.

Due to it’s fast growth, in 1971, Mafil starts exporting to the several major world markets, becoming a reference on cutlery for the Hospitality and Food industry.

Always oriented for innovation on the different products and services we offer, we gathered a wide range of partners and customers who trust us.

Since than we represent excellency for cutlery, always aligned with high standards, extensive know-how and high quality of the materials.

Today, already on the fourth generation, we are focused on offering a wide range of classic axnd contemporary designs, from cutlery to serving pieces, fit to any table anywhere in the world.